A is for…Amazingly Outdated Apple Ads?


Vintage Apple Advertisements

Original Design

First and foremost, I chose this particular Apple design because of how different it is from anything we see from Apple nowadays. It is fun to seee how designs have changed, but they still follow the same design principles we use today. I found this advertisement in an article with several other vintage looking designs. I would assume that at the time, this ad was designed by a team of Apple employees, with the target of urging viewers to get to the computer store and purchase a computer.


Category #1

Apple.Ad.Typeface 1

Focusing first on the title of the design, we notice the typeface is very large and very bold. This category could definitely be two different types of serifs. An element of the typeface that tells us  what category it is from is the serifs at the edges of each character. Going even further, we can recognize that the serifs are rather thick on each character, we can also place this into the slab serif category, even though the thickness of the serif doesn’t exactly match the rest of the character. This category is definitely tricky to name, but I do think the use of a slab serif category is very beneficial when it comes down to the affectiveness of the design. For one being, the time the design was made and then how it also smoothly draws your eye away from the colored apple.

Category #2

Apple.Ad.Typeface 2

Now we move onto the body of this design. This typeface is very simple. Like the title, the typeface does have serifs on each of the characters. What puts this typeface in a different category from the title is the slants and the curvatures of the serifs. This detail on the typeeface confirms to us that this category is oldstyle. It is not really surprising that oldstyle is being used in this design, given the age of the design. I also think that the simplicity of the typeface and the use of the Times New Roman font is very beneficial, especially since the rest of the design is so chaotic, with the several different colors.



The two typefaces of this design are contrasting in a few different aspects. One element is the difference of sizes between the two. The larger typeface, because of its size clearly identifies it as the title of the design. Another element is the “boldness” of the title, in contrast to the regular times new roman font in the body. Contrast is especially important, if contrast didn’t exist in this design, we would not be able to distinguish the main parts of the design.


In conclusion, although this design is not what we typically see or would design today. However, we can still identify key points and principles that pertain to what we design today.  Overall, I definitely think this design was affective for its time and the contrasting elements of the type, I really think makes the whole design a lot cleaner.




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