Say Cheese!

Rule of ThirdsNationalGeographic_1754277-web-2

Photographer: Jimmy Chin, National Geographic

Original Image


This picture perfectly follows the Rule of Thirds. We see that the climber is in perfect alignment with the farthest vertical line. We also see that the toe of the climber is in sync with the bottom horizontal line. This effective use of the rule of thirds principles draws our eyes immediately to the climber  and keeps are eyes from deviating from him.


Photographer: Ashlyn Rich


This photo also demonstrates the rule of thirds. We are able to see that her dominate eye is precisely at the top right intersecting lines. This also draws the viewers eyes into her face.

Leading Lines

leading lines

Photographer: John H. Moore

Original Image

Leading lines.overlay

These leading lines work together, causing our eyes to follow and be drawn to the focal point of the picture.


Photographer: Ashlyn Rich


In this image, the leading lines are leading us to the destination of the ride, to the top. This allows us to visualize what is going to happen once the ride is launched.

Depth of Field


Photographer: N/A

Original Image



In this photo we the object in focus is the hanging phone amd the background is ut of focus. The use of the principle depth of field draws our eyes into the phone, which is our maian focus.


Photographer: Ashlyn Rich


This is another example of how the depth of field principle is applied. Here we see that the ice cream cone is in focus, where as the background, the street lights are not in focus. This use is able to grab your viewers eyes and force them to look at the main image, which in this case is the ice cream cone.


In conclusion, we can see that as these three principles are applied to photography, our pictures will be able to stand out more. We will also be able to hold our viewers eyes and hopefully allow them to see our world and view from behind the lens.


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