Your Happily Ever After!

Magazine Spread FinalMagazine Spread Final2

Magazine Spread Final3


One of my main goals of this magazine spread, was to ensure that the design, the fonts, the layouts, etc. was pleasing to the viewers eyes. I wanted to make a spread that was a bold enough, and yet relaxed enough so it was comfortable to read, as well as draw you in. I think that through my color choices and through my layout, I was able to accomplish this goal.

Target Audience Analysis

Being that my chosen article was about finding your “Happily Ever After”, basically about getting married in the temple. SO because of this topic, I wanted to gravitate to a demographic of LDS women ages 17-23. I feel like because these types of women are anxious to get married, my magazine spread would be “girly” enough, and make them feel warm, make them feel hopeful that one day soon they will be able to find their prince charming.

Design Analysis 

I chose the color scheme that I did, because I wanted to give it a femine appeal. The peachy color, is not too overwhelming, and is just the perfect touch of color. I chose to use the decorative font because I felt that it went well with the “Once upon a time” vibe, and I feel like it was able to be read. Another aspect of the design, was that the temple picture on the cover resembled what our “castle” should be. Then witht he picture of the ring, rings symbolizes eternity, and through a temple marriage we are able to receive eternity with our families. Lastly, through the alignment of the text boxes, I was able to create enough negative space, allowing the viewer to rest his or her eyes.


I think through these different design techniques, the use of contrast, proximity, alignment, and repetition, as well as a distinguished color scheme, I was able to properly and effective get my message across through my design.





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