ICON’t wait to go to the beach!

Icon Set Final-01

Targeted Audience 

For this specific icon set, I wanted my targeted audience was anyone who has been to the beach. I wanted the icons to create some sort of nostalgia for those long summer days spent at the beach, playing in the sand, playing in the water, and maybe even for some the excruciating sunburns.


To stir up the emotions in regarding to the good times spent at the beach.

Repeating Elements

For my colors, I wanted to create a child-like vibe. The combination of the red, yellow, and blue, is able to vreate the care free and innocent feeling that I wanted. I also decided to go with a soft blue background, to almost give the sense of the ocean, as a background, again contributing to the feel of the beach. Another repeating element that I had was the rounded rectangle surrounding each icon. I wanted the icons to feel clean an kept, so I felt that adding the rounded rectangle would add to the clean comfortable feel. If I had gone with a regular rectangle, I feel like it would have been to harsh for my viewer’s eyes. Lastly, another repeating element was the stediness and consistency of my stoke, I wanted to use a stroke that would allow my icons pop.


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