Introduction to Communications

Class Summaries

4/20-Today was the first day of class, we went over the syllabus, and what is to be expected in this course. I am exciteed to begin and learn more about the communications major.

4/27- BYU-I scroll and soapbox came in to talk to us about what ind of work they do. Soapbox seems super fun to be apart of. I learned about the practicum requirements for this class, and that in order to graduate you need to participate in at least three practicums.

5/4- This week we went over how to use I-Plan to create and approve our grad plans. It was actually super simple and easy, and I was able to approve mine. Grad plans are helpful because they inform the school of how many students need to take a course in a semester, and then they are able to properly prepare for it.

5/11- The journalism department talked to us about how important writing and journalism is in  our everyday society. He called us out and urged us to be informed citizens, to be aware of what is going on around us, and that will make us better comm students.

5/18-  Video production came in today and they told us about the different roles and factors that go in to making a good video. Their videos were super cool and creative, but I definitely don’t think I have what it takes to be in video production.

5/25- The visual communications department came in to talk to us today. It was super interesting to hear about all the different projects that they do. I am super interested in the vector graphics class they discussed, and am thinking about changing my module to visual communication.

6/1- This week, we had a speaker come in and speak to us about what it means to be in Organizational Communication and Advocacy. Based on the discussion, it seems very apparent that it takes a special kind of person to do this job. It is heavy in a lot of different areas, but mainly in advocating for those people who can’t advocate for themselves.

6/8- In class, we discussed what it ment to be in Public Relations. In short, I learned that Public Relations is basically a combination of all the other emphasis’, I am extremely interested in learning more about public relations, and am excited to explore it as my emphasis.

Cover Letter & Resume

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