Keep your throne CLEAN!


Television Ad

Creative Ad.Final Draft.TV.2


Magazine Ad

Creative Ad.Final Draft.2

Targeted Audience & Message

For my targeted audience, I was assigned to advertise a toilet brush cleaner to middle-aged married men. When trying to decide how I wanted to reach this specific demographic, I thought about how typically, a parent gets their “alone time” while in the comfort of their own bathroom. I tried to draw on the idea of the “porcelain throne” and I wanted to make my audience feel like they should be the king of their bathroom, a king whose bathroom is kept in a precise and orderly manner, only to be achieved by the use of a Rubbermaid toilet brush.


For my color scheme, I chose to go with an all black, white, and grey theme. I felt that the neutral colors created a very clean space. I tried to highlight the toilet brush by making it more of a lighter grey/white color when it was surrounded by darker greys, in hopes that it would grab the reader’s eye. I decided to leave the Rubbermaid logo the bright red color because I wanted the compony of the toilet to stand out as well, and I feel like the logo is one of the most important parts of the ad.

For my concept, again I wanted to focus on making the man feel like he was king of his own bathroom. I wanted it to seem like the man was excited to clean his bathroom, which is why I set him in a charging position. Which I think makes the ad nonliteral, because who would willingly and excitedly charge into a bathroom with a toilet brush?? Am I right?!

Typography, I first used a basic old style font, it was a serif, I really thought that it was a natural feel fot the text. I then paired it with a modern san serif, that was skinny and longer, I felt that these two different fonts were able to provide enough contrast and yet still complement each other.



Photographer: Damonify



Photographer: Thragor



Photographer: Anne Worner



Photographer: Wwarby



In conclusion, I believe that my creative advertisement design is effective and that it easily reaches the intended audience. I was able to use photoshop proficiently, using the core design principles of alignment, proximity, contrast, and repetition. I feel like I was truly able to become more creative and take my creative ideas and actually make them.


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