Tide Slide Show

Slide Show Draft.Tide Final-01

Slide Show Draft.Tide Final-02

Slide Show Draft.Tide Final-03

Slide Show Draft.Tide Final-04

Slide Show Draft.Tide Final-05

Slide Show Draft.Tide Final-06

Slide Show Draft.Tide Final-07

Slide Show Draft.Tide Final-08

Slide Show Draft.Tide Final-09

Slide Show Draft.Tide Final-10

Slide Show Draft.Tide Final-11

Targeted Audience

My targeted audience was mainly those who are current customers as well as having a hope for new customers that continuously has stains on their clothes.


This message is a funny way to draw people’s attention and make them recognize that Tide Stain removal is quick and effective. Hopefully a zebra without stripes and a giraffe without spots is enough of an image to resonate with people.


In my slide design I really wanted to make a clean and simple design. I feel like a slide show is easier to follow and less distracting when it is clean and precise. I wanted to use a lot of negative space because I felt that the negative space created a clean vibe, as well as create a resting area for the viewer’s eyes. Another major design concept that I focused on was the color scheme. I wanted to inadvertently make the viewers think of the tide logo, which is why I used the Tide color scheme.


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